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Catherine Street - Old Town Key West - Success Story

 I am forever telling potential buyers that are looking for a "fixer-upper" to forget what the inside looks like and not to fixate on the negative issues of the exterior. I tell them that they are buying boxes that will get torn apart and rebuilt. If they come up with a good design by themselves or if they hire a good architect or designer and if they select the right contractor, they can create the house of their dreams. The freshly completed renovation and expansion of 530 Catherine Street is a perfect example of a quality renovation.

Some people might throw their arms up in the air and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of tackling a project like the one above. But the buyers of 530 Catherine Street (Todd Kemp & Brian Boyer) did not bat and eyelash. They made an offer when they first saw the house and closed soon thereafter. They hired local contractors and undertook the renovation and expansion in stride. The worked with HARC to overcome some design concerns. The result is stunning. Had I not been fully aware of how sad the former house looked, I would not have appreciated how fantastic the new house looks.

The photos below show the house as it looks today. The front porch is now a place to sit and watch the world go by. The main entry was relocated adjacent to the off street parking space.  The front bedroom now has wood walls where the old room had louvered windows with a window unit A/C. The new great room and kitchen now occupy space where the old kitchen and living space were located. The rear king sized bedroom with en-suite bath, vaulted ceiling, and glass sliders open out to the rear garden, deck, and pool. The former space was a hovel. The newly created upstairs space is a third bedroom with en-suite bath. That room has a tree house kind of feel. I just loved that space.
The buyers that purchased 530 Catherine Street completed the renovations and expansion for about $400,000.  What they got in return is practically a "new" house in an excellent location.  And this house came with a transient rental license. CLICK HERE to view the Blue Corral vacation rental by owner for this great new Key West Property.

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